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Senior Living Resources

From tips on aging successfully to senior living decision guides, our resource section offers helpful information for older adults and their caregivers.

keep these senior weight loss tips top of mind

Senior Weight Loss Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy weight is important at any age. But for those over 60, maintaining a healthy weight isn’t always so easy. Slowing metabolisms, decreases in muscle mass, strength and overall flexibility, chronic pain, lower energy levels and underlying health conditions can all contribute to weight gain.

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Senior undergoing physical therapy for chronic hip and knee pain

Physical Therapy for Chronic Hip and Knee Pain

It’s not uncommon to hear seniors complain of stiff, achy joints. In fact, the occasional ache and pain, particularly in the knee or hip, are often considered a normal part of aging. However, these occasional aches and pains should not be confused with chronic pain—pain occurring daily for up to six months that interferes with daily activities—which is anything but just another sign of getting older.

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Social Spring Activities for Seniors

The Best Springtime Social Activities for Seniors

Does it feel like this winter was especially long? You’re not alone. The cold temperatures of winter often increase feelings of fatigue and isolation.

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Seniors looking at their retirement savings to ensure a happy financial future

Financial Planning Tips for Seniors

Financial planning is important at any age. But for seniors, it means having the confidence that you have the funds you need to enjoy retirement without the burden of financial stress.

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Importance of posture for seniors

The Importance of Posture for Seniors

Thinking about good posture often conjures up images of young charm school children walking around with books on their heads. But proper posture isn't just about etiquette. In fact, maintaining proper posture can actually help keep us healthy and strong.

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Senior learning stress management techniques

Seniors and Stress: Management Techniques for a Healthy Life

Stress. It's just a fact of life. No matter your age, there will be times when life feels overwhelming. But as we get older, coping with stress actually becomes more difficult, as the way our bodies handle stress changes over time.

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Group of seniors enjoying life in a senior living community

5 Tips for Touring Senior Living Communities

After you've made the decision it's time to downsize your home and make the move to a senior living community, it's time to start researching and touring communities near you. Because this is a major life decision, you want to be certain you're choosing the community that will best fit your lifestyle and needs.

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Caregiver and elderly loved one avoiding caregiver stress with these tips

Top Tips to Reduce Caregiver Stress

More than 65 million Americans provide unpaid care to a loved one. Being a family caregiver can be a rewarding experience with benefits for both the caregiver and the person receiving the care; relationships grow stronger, and many caregivers enjoy the feeling of being needed and allowing a loved one to live as comfortably as possible.

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Senior man successfully recovering from hip replacement surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery – How to Ensure a Successful Recovery

Hip replacement surgery is commonly performed to relieve a painful hip joint that has begun to impede your everyday life. In this procedure, a surgeon surgery removes the damaged joint and replaces it with an artificial joint comprised of plastic and metal components.

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Group of seniors who follow healthy aging tips and senior safety best practices to enjoy life to its fullest.

10 Healthy Aging Tips

Seniors today continually look for ways to age as gracefully as possible. After all, it’s been said that 70 is the new 50! We are living longer, healthier lives these days thanks not only to advances in medicine and technology, but also because we are armed with the knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle really means.

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